Sunday, March 29, 2009

YouTube References #1 - "Boom Goes The Dynamite"

Hey everyone,

I was studying for an upcoming Statistics exam, until I realized I could be here posting more interesting things about the YouTube world. So, I'm opening up another segment on the YouTube Guide I'd like to call, "YouTube References".

Sometimes, it's not even really YouTube references, it's Internet references... but, their popularity stems from YouTube and it's easily accessible through the site. This segment will help you understand references made that started through some viral video or shot video that reached massive popularity.

Today's reference is "Boom Goes The Dynamite". I guarantee you've heard it somewhere... Will Smith at the Academy Awards, Family Guy, Jon Stewart when he dissed Jim Cramer. It's a popular reference, but there are people who actually don't know where it comes from. I remember making the reference with friends while we were hanging out and my friends goes, "Oh yeah... that was that thing from Family Guy!" Turns out, they didn't know where it really came from and we sat down and watched the original video and they were dying in laughter.

So, anyway, here's the vid:

The victim of this Internet sensation is Brian Collins, who actually was filling in for a friend of his. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the telepromter went off right in the middle of the broadcast and there was no print for him to read off of. So, he did what he had to do... and improvise. Thus, this masterpiece of disaster that became a part of viral video glory.

Now, when you hear "Boom Goes The Dynamite", you'll know where it's from and have a genuine laugh about it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Carousel of Videos and Channels #1 - March 29, 2009

Strangely, my last post said I created it last week, which is not true because I just posted it yesterday! Today has started off great because I woke up and I went to my iTunes and the first song to come up was "Fight Fire With Fire" by Metallica which came off off of my favorite album of theirs, "Ride The Lightning". Right after, I got out of bed and picked up one of my shirts to throw on and found a $50 bill I had been looking for about a month. It's certainly shaping up to be a wonderful day!

Anyway, without further ado, let me begin to introduce you to community of YouTubers. Here's how every Carousel of Videos and Channels will go:

Every day, I will post 3 channels of interest that I encountered through the day and 10 videos, all of diverse interests.

Every week, I will feature a specific channel, either with a nice, long write up or an actual interview with the YouTuber.

So, let's begin, shall we?

Top 3 Channels of Day

The Philip DeFranco Show -

Perhaps a bit of a popularity choice for YouTubers who have been around the block, but PhillyD is certainly one of the first channels I would suggest to any first time Tuber.

That's sxephil, he's not sexy, he's sXe. It's a common misconception (for those still lost, sXe = straight edge), but that's not new with Phil as many are lost on his humorous take on the happenings around the world. Influenced by those like George Carlin, Philly D can be considered a "common sense prophet" as he preaches it throughout his material. No person or subject is safe in his videos and he delivers his own comedic spin on the news... along with his signature Douchebag of the Day, a segment where he usually pokes fun at very odd, stupid people in news who lack common sense and even occasionally himself.

He also a bit of an entertainer. Before strictly sticking to news, he used to record a bunch of random "comedy" videos, much like his classic "Top 10 Things To Look For In A Woman", some reviews of movies, and, if I remember correctly, he also does prank calls (but I think that might be from his live show).

He also services the YouTube community by hosting contests and promoting users that he finds interesting along with actually collaborating with others (such as MediocreFilms, hotforwords, charlestrippy, shaycarl, etc). He also engages his audience and asks them questions which they respond to and he actually listens. Along with that, he also continues to promote the PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) Foundation through his videos. He currently hosts his own website ( where he blogs and posts many random fun things. He also streams live video with live shows at

At heart, Phil's a geek... but he certainly draws in an audience and is one of the most valuable members of YouTube. Check him out!

Zeke -

As a guitarist, I can appreciate a great guitarist when I hear one. I just happened to stumble upon Zeke and I must say the kid's excellent. Currently, on his channel, is him playing along with songs from artists like Dream Theater, Judas Priest, and Avenged Sevenfold with his guitar playing over it. Zeke has an amazing feel for guitar, which you can clearly see with his fervor when he plays. It's not just his feel for the instrument, but his amazing range of style he has: sweep picking, finger tapping, speed picking, dive bombs, playing arpeggioes... he has a full skill set.

I was most impressed by his rendition of Dream Theater's "Panic Attack". Despite using strings of a low gauge for the necessary B flat tuning (in other words, his strings are very loose and you can hear it in the sound), he plays very accurately and the playing sounds great, especially for such a tough song. He also takes on the solo towards the bridge, which I haven't seen many people do in renditions of the song... and it's finished very well.

His first ever video is him making a recording of himself playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It", which is certainly a treat. He seems to have fun with it the entire way through, starting off with a sweet improvised solo and then tearing through the famous "Beat It" solo, primarily showing off his finger tapping skill.

Check out the rest of his videos... they are amazing, especially if you're into crazy shredding. Zeke says he's working on original material... and when he actually does produce it, I'll most definitely feature it here! Keep up the work man!


Randomly surfing around, I ran into PancakeTrouble, who is an entertaining comedian whose videos can be described as a random wonder of joy. His videos are very entertaining and can bring a smile to your face in a heartbeat.

Whether he's talking about his freakin' sweet red jacket or musing at German bathroom signs, PancakeTrouble is sure to make your day. Be sure to check him out!

- - - - - - -

Top 10 Daily Videos

-- "The Beauty Sleep"

Everyone loves slapstick comedy, but what about lipstick comedy?

-- "Digital TV Converter Hack"
Tired of all this digital TV conversion stuff? Well, find a way to actually make it useful with this portable DTV from kipkay.

-- "You Know What's Bullshit! (part 2)"
More well known for his angered reviews of old video games and systems, James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, rants about the uselessness of pennies.

-- "Bike Hero"
If you've ever played Guitar Hero ever... you'll appreciate the awesomeness of this.

-- "Man Hit By Car Gets Up And Walks Away"
Title speaks for itself. These kinds of videos are the staple of the YouTube diet.

-- "People React To O'Reilly's Audiobook"

You've seen Bill O'Reilly diss rap and drop F-Bombs. Now, here him read... erotic novels?

-- "Waddell's Backflip Dunk"
You won't see a lot of real sports highlights on this blog, but this one is totally worth it.

-- "Barack Obama -Drawn on Money - President Election Portrait"
It's amazing to watch hours of an artists works in less than 3 minutes. This quick piece of our 44th President comes from EclecticAsylumArt.

-- "Blowjob Girl"
A DerrickComedy classic. "How dry do you want it?" In short, sexily disturbing (or disturbing sexy if you're into that kind of thing).

-- "Human Paintball Target"
For his 120,000+ subscribers... he gave him body to be torn apart by paintballs. SxePhil appearance FTW.

That's it for today peeps! Keep tuned in and feel free to comment and tell me about your channels or other cool people you know about. I'll be listening and updating daily, so stay surfing Tubers!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Beginning and Purpose of YouTube Nirvana

Welcome one and all to my blog, YouTube Nirvana, the guide to YouTube.

What exactly is a guide to YouTube? Well, let's not think of guide as in TV Guide. In order to define what this guide is, I must tell you what exactly YouTube is (at least what I think it is).

YouTube is a growing online community of millions of people around the world who share themselves with the world. These people range from comedians, musicians, and artists to people who just want to express themselves and share ideas to reviewers and critics to huge corporations selling their product to athletes and sports... and the list goes on and on. It's a microphone that everyone is given and they're allowed to say what the wish in hope that someone is listening.

Well, at least that's the heart of YouTube. The casual YouTube browser of today will use it to replay Family Guy clips, watch parts of their favorite movie, or see a video of a recent phenomena. However, this blog will steer away from those and focus much more on user-provided and created contented and introduce you to the users behind them.

So, about this guide. While YouTube is made up of channels, it's not like a TV where every channel is defined and a diverse set of shows are set in time slots. YouTube channels provide you with whatever the creator of the channel creates and uploads. Unlike a TV channel, you get videos whenever the user posts them. However, with the entire network of YouTube, you can endlessly get lost with the hundreds of thousands of content uploaded daily! This guide will help you find some of the more interesting and consistent channels along with some very interesting videos to check out throughout the day.

This is a rough first post, but I just wanted to get out a bit of a "mission statement". Don't think of me like a "Trendy Tuesday" or one of the people who promote videos on the site who don't really have a name. At the moment, this is a one man operation. Feel free to address me as Nirvana!

Also, I will more than likely be posting live videos on my channel TubeNirvana, which is empty at the moment, giving more personal videos that will explain what's going on in the week and hopefully with interviews of really YouTubers!